Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We celebrated Desmonds first birthday on Monday with the perfect "kids" meal, grilled cheese, apple sauce, and chocolate cake and of course presents! It was a fun evening at home. What a blessing this year has been! Watching Little D grow and develop different skills is awesome. He was taking steps at nine and a half months and is now moving on to learning to run. I think it has something to do with trying to keep up with his big sister Cali.
One of my favorite country song is "Don't Blink" by Kenny Chesney. In fact it is the ring tone on my cell phone. If you don't know it, it goes "Don't blink just like that your 6 years old and you take a nap, and you wake up and your 25 and your high school sweetheart becomes your wife. Don't blink you just might miss your baby's growing up like this are turning into moms and Dads......
I remember taking Dustin to the doctor for a check up to play soccer. He was probably 14 at the time. There was this adorable little guy about 2 years old running around in the waiting room. He was a little blonde-haired brown-eye inquisitive cutie pie just like Dustin was at that age. The mom seemed alittle frazled trying to keep up with him. We struck up a conversation and I recall telling her not to blink or the next thing she will know, she will be bringing him in for a high school soccer check up.
And now Dustin and Jessica have kids of their own taking them in for check ups. It goes by so fast.
The point of that story is to appreciate every second of every day that God gives you. They all have a purpose in your big picture and are all a gift. How does that saying go about yesterday is gone thats why they call it the past. Tomorrow isn't here yet, so it is the future. But today is a gift thats why it is called the present. I probably messed that up but you get the point.
Have a blessed and memorable day!

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